As responsible corporate citizens, we believe that it is possible to have an alignment of profitable business venture embedded in a responsible social and environmental principle.


We believe in education that meets the evolving needs and challenges of our modern society. We aim at leveraging on our core competencies in the area of logistics and IT hardware in this initiative.


With this in mind, we are in the process of establishing a working relationship with our international partners where Dan Division will accept donation of used IT products from specifically selected partners, sanitize and ship them at our own cost. This will then be donated to schools and other learning institutions in Ghana. This initiative is been executed in partnership with a Ghanaian based NGO Educational Resources who shares a similar vision.


We know that education does not only enlighten us as people but also help enhance and strengthen local economies as well as reduce social vices among others.



With a little help we can work together towards a noble cause

Giving away your surplus or written-off IT supplies is a great way of helping extremely deprived school children better reach their full potential in Ghana. There are hundreds of thousands of school children in Ghana who do not have access to a physical computer even though their school curriculum includes a compulsory element of IT and computer studies.


Dan Division in partnership with our local partner EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES is working to help bridge this unsurmountable gap between better resourced schools and the disadvantaged schools (which are often located in the villages and the remotest parts of the country) in Ghana. The sad reality is that these underprivileged students are later expected to compete and perform under the same criteria with their fellow privileged students from well-resourced schools. Based on this revelation, Dan Division in collaboration with Educational Resources as well as organisations like yours, want to help make a long-lasting difference in the education of such underprivileged students. Together we can help bring change to a lot of communities and their preceding generations.


Records available indicates that millions of surplus and unwanted cartridges & IT supplies are thrown away every year adding up to the increasing problem of global environmental waste/pollution. These unwanted items can now be donated to us to help further our cause. We believe in empowering people by providing them with the needed tools rather than providing for them.

Are you a company or an institution with old computers and/or surplus IT supplies?

Are you a company or an institution with old computers, excess or written off toners and printers, excess IT supplies or any other learning device? Are you willing to donate any of these items in support of our initiative?


If the answer is yes, we are very happy to hear from you and welcome your organisation on board this very special cause. Please feel free to contact us at Alternatively, you can also reach us on: +45 4030 8002, + 44 (0) 746 003 5577 or + 233 (0) 501 550 660.


Items that can be donated: Old, but functional computers and laptops (These will be sanitized and all information cleaned), chromebooks for education, excess printer toners and cartridges, handheld tablets, printers, and any other IT or learning devices.


These items are collected from your desired location, sanitized and donated to our partner in Ghana from where they are further distributed to schools and other learning institutions with such needs.