As responsible corporate citizens, we believe that it is possible to have an alignment of profitable business venture embedded in a responsible social and environmental principle.


At Dan Division we believe in education that meets the evolving needs and challenges of our modern society. Therefore, we want to help those who are lacking these resources in outlying areas of Ghana. Here, hundreds of thousands of students have high ambitions to achieve a solid education and reach their potential. But they do not have access to the basic IT supplies they need to learn effective IT skills and function in our modern society. If you have outdated computers or other technology which is old, but still functions, you can support our project by donating your outdated technology instead of throwing it away. We will sanitize and ship the IT products at our own cost and deliver them to schools and other learning institutions in Ghana. This initiative is being executed in partnership with a Ghanaian based NGO Educational Resources who share a similar vision.

With a little help we can work together towards a noble cause

Records available indicate that millions of surplus and unwanted cartridges & IT supplies are thrown away every year, adding up to the increasing problem of global environmental waste/pollution. Giving away your surplus or written-off IT supplies is a great way to help deprived school children reach their full potential in Ghana. There are hundreds of thousands of school children in Ghana who do not have access to a physical computer, even though their school curriculum includes a central element of IT and computer studies.


Dan Division is cooperating with the local partner EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES, in improving schools and living conditions for students with great ambitions, but a lack of resources.
The education institutions we help are located in villages in the remotest parts of Ghana.
These students are expected to compete and perform under the same criteria as students with better resources. Dan Division wants to help make a sustainable improvement of these students’ living conditions. Together we can help improve a lot of communities and their preceding generations.

Are you a company or an institution with outdated IT supplies or learning devices? Are you willing to donate any of these items to support learning institutions who are lacking these resources?


We would love to hear from you and welcome your organization on board our project in Ghana. Feel free to contact us at

Items that can be donated: Old, but functional computers and laptops, Chromebooks for education, excessed printer toners and cartridges, handheld tablets, printers, and any other IT or learning device.

These items will be collected from your desired location, sanitized and donated to our partner in Ghana, from where they are further distributed to schools and other learning institutions in need.