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Technology is a firm part of our life these days, that we at Dan Division from time to time, now from 2019 and going forward, will post an Insight article about once a month, to share our thoughts and insights about technology and how it affects our life.

Hence, when reading our Insights articles, we hope you enjoy these and gain some new business and technology wisdom, that’s meant for all who wish to gather deeper insights about technology, that plays an important role in many aspects of modern-day society and in our life as well.

JAN 2019 Insight

When we look around today, we see how much that technology, in a good way influences our life and companies businesses, despite Einstein’s quote displays a more negative  point of view of the overall impact of technology.

But instead Einstein’s quote should perhaps be seen as an explanation to how technology has allowed us to reach new heights both physically and intellectually, but at the same has changed our human nature.

But although and finally, the internet original was designed to make interpersonal relationships more connected, it does seems that certain technological innovations such as the smartphone has ultimately over complicated the very thing that they aimed to simplify.

FEB 2019 Insight

The 1990s saw extreme advances in technology with the world wide web, aldo at that time closing one’s curtains, was enough to experience privacy.

Moreover, the growth of the Internet contributed to globalization during the followingi 2000s decade, which allowed faster communication among ourselfe all around the world.

And as smartphones found their way into our pockets, we actually turned into resources that generated lot’s of data about ourselft, that today not is prevented just by closing one’s curtain.

The wellknowen privacy paradox, describes this inconsistency between the concerns of people regarding privacy and their actual behaviour, since people would like to do more but they also want to use services that would not exist without sharing their data.

This data we share in a voluntary or reluctantly way creates our digital DNA, even though it is used to manipulate our purchasing resistance in correctly targeted advertising activities, and whereas the list of purposes that this exchange could serve is too long.

The privacy paradox has a tendency to position the individual in a bigger context, and it is about preserving a space for future generations, and why we now are seeing higher cybercrime concerns in many countries, that see privacy vs cybercrime as a risk not only for themselves as individual countries, but as a threat for our global society and modern democracy.

Therefore, we at Dan Division believe that cybercrime is the biggest challenge that we are facing in these digital times, and when government agencies and tech companies do not keep their roles distinct.

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