We offer the thinnest and smallest to full-size computers and workstations.


All our customers, are guaranteed high-quality machines to meet their expectations and more, at prices within their budget. We work closely with the major brands such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell..


We offer chrome books from Lenovo and HP, with chrome device management to educational institutions or businesses who want fast, simple and secure technology. Chromebook is a different kind of computer, as it runs on Google’s web-based operating system Chrome Os. This computer is ultra-portable and affordable with automatic software updates and built-in virus protection. Chromebooks are ideal for basic and everyday computing tasks and come with multiple layers of security, cloud storage, and with the most popular Google products built-in.



Essential work companion.


Are you looking for servers you can deploy for virtualization or are you looking for high-performance computing? 


At Dan Division, we offer improved performance, scalability and flexibility along with amazing features that improve server management capability. You can rely on our server solutions to host your most important data and applications.


Whether you are a small and medium businesses and up to the large enterprise we can tailor the right server solution for you and at a price which meets your budgets.



Speed, agility & fault tolerant.


We offer everything imaginable in networking solutions. From small setups to full sized public enterprise solutions.


Reliable and latest in technology, means longevity for our custom networking models. Every solution is specifically designed to meet your needs, while not compromising a safe operation.


At Dan Division we secure your data by offering the latest technologies from firewall solutions and High-End data encryption, and offer you speed and reliability with load balancing and performance systems.



Safe connections.


Online security needs to be agile and consistent. A lot has changed since a simple antivirus program did the job


Keeping pace with your cybersecurity strategy and operations can be a challenge in these days. Cyber adversaries have become more and more creative and learned to launch automated and sophisticated attacks to businesses and organizations.


Today’s computers and mobile devices are vulnerable to increasingly complex attacks and often are unwittingly facilitated by staff. By combining legacy firewall and antivirus solutions with new technologies offering outbound security you are a step ahead of the attackers.




Safety comes first.

Data Backup

At Dan Division, we have the technical skills, knowledge and platforms needed to ensure our clients always maintain business continuity.

With Dan Divisions’ Storage Solutions we help our clients to protect and preserve their data. Information protection is critical to a company's day-to-day operations and in this digital age, information is one of the most important assets a company owns.

Dan Division's solutions offer all forms of storage management and security, including data backup and recovery, archiving, business continuity, high-end data encryption and security.

Data Storage

Easy and secure data access.

Print solutions

Dan Division offers supplies from all the leading brands.


In collaboration with our logistics partners and dedicated team of skilled technicians, we are always at your service to delivery your products in time and to ”hard to reach” locations. We work hard to ensure that our clients always have the needed supplies when and where they need them.


We provide differentiated solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs, so that you can make use of genuine supplies from top leading brands, regardless of the size of your business.

Print solutions

Quality pages.


For all your emergency power needs, Dan Division offers a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies.


We supply backup systems for all kinds of businesses. To prevent the loss of data and damages during power cuts, we offer a range from a single device to a complete data center.

Power supplies

Uninterrupted power supply.


Our variety of products also includes computer and telephone accessories of all kinds and forms needed for an effective working environment.


Business essentials.